• Sausages

    At Andreas Meat Company we have a range of traditional handmade and machine linked sausages both based on old and innovative recipes using the highest quality ingredients. We will not compromise on quality, with our sausages being made from fresh prime cuts of pork, making sure we have the meat to fat ratio right every time, it’s minced and blended with our seasonings to create sausages known for there flavour and succulence. We produce sausage using both natural and collagen casings.

    Our sausages come in several varieties, Traditional Farmhouse Pork (following a recipe which is over 100 years old), Beef, Pork & Leek, Cumberland and Welsh Dragon (Pork & Chilli). In 2015 we also began production of our Gluten Free Pork Sausage.

  • Bacon & Gammon

    Our Bacon and Gammon products are produced right here at our factory in Andreas this ensures we are bringing the highest quality of local Manx Bacon and Gammon to the market.

    We have a range of Bacon products from Wet Cured Back Bacon, Traditional Dry Cured, Traditional Dry Cured Streaky and Traditional Dry Cured Middle. The full range of bacon that is on sale is made from the Bacon pigs from Ballakelly Farm. You can appreciate the difference in our home cured products to that of imported products.

    We produce Gammon joints, gammon steaks and also our ham is made from curing Manx Pork.

    We have invested considerable time and effort in perfecting the art of curing the Pork and ensuring we produce the consistent product our customers have come to rely on. We pride ourselves on being the only producer to produce Manx Cured Gammon on a commercial scale on the Island; we have invested in a specialised cure room and cooking room where all our products are made and prepared for sale. 

  • Cooked Meats

    Do you know a company that cures legs of Manx pork and cooks it to produce quality hams, which are sliced and packed and sold to the local market? That’s us! We pride ourselves on making ham the traditional way, this is not reformed or over processed in any way, and it couldn’t get anymore homemade.

    At the moment we produce 5 varieties of Ham, Roast Gammon Ham, Traditional Boiled Ham, Wafer Thin, Premium Ham and Honey Roast Ham.

    We also produce Sliced Manx Roast Beef made from locally sourced Silversides.

    We pride ourselves on high quality products, made on your doorstep, which are available island wide.